Lead status feature from HugeOffers.com
Apr 1, 2019
by HugeOffers News

Lead status feature from HugeOffers.com

We are happy to share with you amazing news — Huge Offers finally found a solution to avoid wasting of time on testing! After integration with our brokers on API basis, in few clicks at your account on our platform you can find all information about your leads and check their status !

When call-centers process leads they make special notes and sale status of the lead. Hugeoffers has deployed new feature which makes it possible to see these statuses. Statuses are being updated every 30 minutes. This feature is available in the affiliate’s account in Reports / Drill down reports of affiliate campaign.

What could be better for a great start for your traffic ?

Don’t lose your time and feel free to ask our team about this great function or just watch our video with easy explanation.