How to find a great angle for your promotion?
Dec 14, 2018
by Mariam Dietrich

You have a great product in your hand and you know it has the potential to stir up the market. But how to really go about it with the audience? How to spark the enthusiasm among the target customers efficiently? Which would be the best way to grab their attention in their busy lives? This is where angle comes in.

It might seem like a simple concept in the beginning but there is a lot that goes into crafting an angle. Let’s take the BMW cars for example. Why would you buy it? What is the first thing that crosses your mind when you think of a BMW car? For most people familiar with BMW cars, the answer would be the flawless driving experience.

BMW does belong to the huge market of automobiles where they constantly have to compete with other car giants like Honda, Volvo, Lamborghini, Audi and Mercedes. However, BMW has always aimed for an angle which differs from all its competitors’ angles. For example, Mercedes cars target the customers whose main priority is luxury. Volvo, on the other hand, focuses on the safety and security of its users. These focal points are what we call angles.

When it comes to affiliate marketing, angles have a huge role to play. Well, angles are crucial in any marketing. But since the success of any campaign in affiliate marketing is entirely based on the customer attention (through clicks converting to real purchases), its importance goes a lot higher here.

To set your product apart from all competing brands, you need to discover a great angle for it. Most amateurs in affiliate marketing rush it to Google and pick up what they find in the first 20-50 image results. If you want to be a pro, don’t leave anything to chance by picking random images for your final campaign. Follow a systematic manner to reach your destination - the perfect angle.

Asking The Right Questions

Certain questions can help you see the appeal of your campaign or product from a broader perspective. Go through these questions with your team to find out what your angle should be and how to present it to the customers:

  1. What does the target audience want?
  2. Of course, it all starts with what your target customers would want from your product. The trick here is to dive into the specifics rather than only scratching the surface. For example, if you are thinking of launching a dating site aimed at women, think of all the features women prefer to see a man with. A quick brainstorming session would probably result in the following:

    • Abs

    • Beards

    • Blue eyes

    • Cute pets

    • Fancy cars

    Now which one of these should be your main focus? Instead of relying on long discussions and opinions, you can depend on CTR value or Click-Through Rate for making that decision. This will give you a realistic and calculated result, thus bringing down the risk factor. So pick five images like above representing the five angles and run five test ads with them. Their CTR results should range between 0.5% to 1.5%. The one with the highest rate is the winner and the perfect angle for you to work with.

  3. How to expand on that?
  4. Now that you have found the best angle, you need to expand it to wider scopes of marketing. For instance, if the option with fancy cars has shown maximum CTR, include a relevant image on the homepage of your dating website. Here are a few examples of such images:

    You can also juice out more predictions on the test results like - single women are more inclined towards dating wealthy men for financially solvent future. This will give you new ideas of how to approach your dating site users. It may also lead you to launch new campaigns with broader objectives and higher chances of attracting the niche customers.

  5. What would you look for if you were the consumer?
  6. Put yourself in customers’ shoes for once and imagine what would you want from the product. For example, if your campaign is based on launching a new smartphone, what many users would look for is a long battery life. So if your phone does have an outstanding battery life, you can bring the focus on it by comparing competing brands with your brand. Samsung has done so for all these years and it has resulted in great profits for them. Instead of getting into the technical details, just throw in a compact, clear and colorful visual for them like this:

    This will instantly help them to make the right decision and choose to buy Samsung phones. All it takes to read this picture is a glance.

  7. What do real customers want from such products?
  8. There is no more effective way of finding out what the customers want than going right to the real customers for answers. It could also be the trading of foreign exchange currencies or cryptocurrencies in case your target includes non-native customers.

  9. Does your angle meet most of Life Force 8 requirements?
  10. A popular concept and pretty effective one in the affiliate marketing world is Life Force 8. This is basically a list of all the subconscious human desires. You can capitalize on these by making sure that your angle covers majority of these points. Let’s take a look at the eight points first:

    The life-force 8

    Human beings are biologically programmed with the following eight desires:

          1. Survival, enjoyment of life, life extension.
          2. Enjoyment of food and beverages.
          3. Freedom from fear, pain and danger.
          4. Sexual companionship
          5. Comfortable living conditions
          6. To be superior, winning, keeping up with the Joneses
          7. Care and protection of loved ones
          8. Social approval

    If you look back at the fancy car angle for a female-driven dating website, this list proves why it was an effective angle. It covered all points of Life Force 8 except #2, which gives you a high assurance of its success.

  11. Can you utilize the current season or trends for your angle?

Another powerful way of getting your message across is to utilize the current season and trends. For example, if summer is knocking at the doors, you can drive your consumers to buy products which will help them get that beach body. Or if it is November, you can start encouraging the customers to buy Christmas-special products. Keep an eye on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more to stay updated on viral trends.

Besides, as the end of the year proceeds, people tend to make budget plans for the coming year. So this is the perfect time to promote products which can help them with it (like annual planners, diaries etc.)

If it is the end of spring, you can push products which can help customers earn some extra bucks. You can motivate them to purchase the products by highlighting the fact that, they can use this extra money to arrange a lavish summer trip to their favorite holiday destination.

We all are acquainted with the idea of coming up with different angles through a quick brainstorming session. But the confusion lies in which one of them would be the best option. Instead of depending on assumptions, put them to test and observe the results. These results should be numerical like the ratio or percentage of viewers who clicked on the ad.