When in Kiev, Speak to Tatyana Nasonova, the “mother of gambling traffic”
Sep 23, 2019
by HugeOffers News

We spoke to Tatyana Nasonova, the “mother of gambling traffic” in Russia and heard all about how she went from being a teacher to the head of Gambling.pro and Black Inc. media buying team. In 2015, she had graduated from university where she studied to be a psychologist and educator, but not finding work in her speciality she ended up working in the affiliate team of a small advertising firm selling beauty products.

At some point she discovered that the products she was selling in store cost 700 rubles and so she figured that the M1 webmaster was making amazing money on this. So she decided she wanted a slice of that pie, that’s when she started Googling “work on the Internet”, “making money on the Internet”, “money on the Internet” until she came across relevant affiliate website and taught herself bottom up.

We had the honor and pleasure to interview Tatyana after her speech for Sempro Affiliate Conference in Kiev and she will come back again for another talk for MAC2019!

HUGE OFFERS are excited to say that we will be taking a booth P21 at the MAC conference in Kiev, which starts on the 8th October. Of course, we want to see you all there, so no excuses.

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Save the date, it’s 7th October in Kiev, Ukraine at the glamorous Skybar nightclub. It starts at 22:00 and who can say when it will end. Drinks, refreshments, panoramic views, a spectacular show and some stunning models, it’s all included, so come get your groove on. Fill out the form here and get your ticket!

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