HugeOffers bringing you FREE FB and Google accounts
Sep 1, 2019
by HugeOffers News

HugeOffers are bringing you a HUGE September. All you need to do is bring as many FTD’s as you can over the course of September. The more you bring, the more FB/Google accounts you will get FREE . You don’t get just the accounts though, you will also get the entire end-to-end solution :


Warmed up FB BM accounts ready to go from day 1

FREE credit cards attached to the account -  The top up is on us!!!*

FREE Safe site  with full admin & ftp access, so you can make it your own

• Farmer Jack's top notch support team - available to you 16 hours a day

•And us, the HUGE team, always here to help with FREE prelanders and consultants to guide you on how to make the best with our offers.

Here’s how it works:

• Generate over 100 FTD’s during September, get 3 accounts (FB or Google) with a $500 top up *

• Generate over 250 FTD’s get 15 accounts (FB or Google) with a $2000 top up *

• Generate over 500 FTD’s during September, get 35 accounts (FB or Google) with a $5000 top up*

. *The given top up is per prize, not per account

So if you are ready, ladies and gentlemen please start your engines.

Have an amazing September!


Terms & Conditions

*Top up is in accordance with promotion conditions

None tier 1 geo's will be considered as 0.5 for this promotion. 

Eg: if you bring 20 FTD’s from CL they will be considered as 10 FTD’s for the promotion, but you will be paid a commission for 20 FTD’s.

The following countries are considered as tier 1 for the September promotion: AU SG NL NO DK CH DE AT GCC HK IT IE NZ SE IS FI UK ES MY LI

All other geos are considered either tier 2 or 3:

Please note: From the moment you start using the Farmer Jack accounts, you will be subject to their terms & conditions and will need to address any questions with them directly. HugeOffers neither run nor manage the FB and Google accounts that you receive as part of this promotion.