Who Knows How to Throw a Party? We do! Pre-Party at the Skybar, Kiev, MAC2019
Aug 19, 2019
by HugeOffers News

Who Knows How to Throw a Party? We do! Pre Party at the Skybar, Kiev

As well as being totally amazing at our day jobs, we also happen to throw some of the best conference parties ever. For instance, people are still talking about the amazing Party Bus in Barcelona and who could forget our unbelievable party in Kiev in March? Well here we go again. We are throwing the party to end all parties at MAC Kiev 2019. Trust us you do not want to miss out. Join the HugeOffers team and other brilliant and creative minds at our pre conference party.

We’ll be celebrating lavishly with exotic drinks and cocktails in great company and you are most definitely invited.

Save the date, it’s 7th October in Kiev, Ukraine at the glamorous Skybar nightclub. It starts at 22:00 and who can say when it will end. Drinks, refreshments, panoramic views, a spectacular show and some stunning models, it’s all included, so come get your groove on.

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Take a second and find our post-movie from event in Kiev ,March 2019!

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