3 Ways To Boost Opt-In Conversions
Nov 11, 2018
by Anna Nimoushkin

Not getting enough opt-ins for your landing pages?

Wish you could explode your email list overnight?

You already know that an increase in leads equals an increase in sales. But your opt-in isn’t converting as much as you’d like.

Before you spend more money on traffic, you might want to consider optimizing your opt-in process first.

There are 3 parts to your opt-in process:

  • Lead magnet

  • Opt-in page

  • Welcome email series

Let’s take a look at how you can optimize each part of the opt-in process so you can boost your opt-ins, increase your list and explode your sales.

Here are 3 proven ways to boost email opt-ins overnight:

#1 Change Your Lead Magnet

Many publishers make the mistake of creating a generic lead magnet to appeal to a diverse group of people. But the result is almost always the same: in trying to appeal to everyone, they appeal to nobody.

Instead, create a highly targeted lead magnet that will attract the right audience. Not only will your opt-ins increase, so will your buyers.

You can’t create an irresistible lead magnet without performing upfront market research. Powerful platforms like BuzzSumo.com is a good place to start. Simply enter your topic and you will get a list of the most shared content on that topic. Use the list to analyze what content performs best for your niche.

Keep the lead magnet simple and easy to digest. The key is to deliver a simple tool that doesn’t take up too much of the prospect’s time. Flowcharts, videos and checklist always work very well.

Now that you have created a new, more enticing lead magnet...it’s time to look at your opt-in page.

#2 Optimize Your Opt-In Page

There are three points of vulnerability to look at in every opt-in page: 1) content, 2) buttons, 3) mobile friendly.

Before you do anything, be sure your content clearly articulates the benefits of your lead magnet.

If your content appropriately ‘sells’ the lead magnet, you will want to look at the register buttons. They should be big, bold and easily visible. But perhaps even more important is to make sure there is a signup button above the fold. If a reader must scroll down to sign up, you will lose conversions.

Finally, you can no longer overlook mobile. With over 80% of people using their phone to browse online, your opt-in page must be adapted for mobile.

#3 Welcome Email Series

What happens after a new subscriber joins your list is critical.

When you set up a welcome email, it immediately builds trust. Keep your welcome email brief and engaging. Introduce yourself, what they can expect from you and an overview of your story.

Optimizing all 3 of your opt-in process will help you increase opt-ins, open rates and conversions...without spending more money on traffic!

In what ways have you boosted your opt-in conversions?