5 Steps To Find Record-Breaking CPA Offers
Dec 15, 2018
by Chris Lawrence

It’s the million dollar question on every affiliate’s mind..

What do I promote?

It can be a long and tedious process to find the most profitable CPA offers to promote. Sometimes you may give up altogether and revert to tried-and-true favorites. But let’s face it...what worked 6 months ago, doesn’t work today.

Instead of spinning your wheels and wasting hours of precious time, follow these 5 steps to find the most profitable CPA offers:

Step #1: Pick Your Niche

Narrow down your search and focus your efforts on just one highly profitable niche.

Remember, you are never confined to one specific niche. In fact, some of the most successful affiliates regularly pivot into different verticals to see how the offers convert with their list. The results might surprise you!

What are the best converting niches right now?

Affiliates are reaping in massive sales in the following verticals: finance, internet marketing/business opportunity and gambling/casinos. Look no further than Huge Offers for a growing list of top-converting offers in each vertical.

Step #2: Spy On Your Competitors

Do you receive email newsletters from your competitors?

Sign up for the lists of top affiliates in your niche and keep an eye on what they are promoting. Your competitors are a valuable source of insight into what offers are performing the best.

Chances are, your toughest competitors have already done their homework. And the offers that convert on their list are likely to convert on your list, too. Make a list of their most frequently promoted offers and test them out on your list.

Step #3: Join Huge Offers

Slash the time it takes you to find the best converting offers by tapping into a pool of offers proven to convert.

All of the offers you will find inside our vault can’t be found anywhere else. Most have been created by veteran advertisers that are behind some of the most successful offers in finance and internet marketing.

You will also find innovative CPA offers created by rising talent in the industry. The options for high-converting offers are endless.

Step #4: Ask Your Affiliate Manager

As a Huge Offers affiliate, you get immediate access to a dedicated Affiliate Manager who will be available to answer any of your questions. Not only is your Affiliate Manager available to help you answer technical questions, they can also direct you towards the hottest CPA offers in your niche.

Step #5: Use Our Smart Traffic Algorithm

When you join Huge Offers, you get an optimized list of offers for your traffic. Affiliates regularly rely on our “smart traffic algorithm” to point them to the best offers for their list.

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